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Home Staging for Realtors

Welcome to Mr. C

Your first touchpoint when listing a property

Put trust in a 50 year old business to get the job done, fast. 

We have a roster of stagers with 10+ years of experience to connect you with. 

The days of trying to source a reliable stager are over. 

Working directly with the furniture company allows us to offer you the best possible selection & most competitive pricing. 

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Our Furniture in Action

Swipe through to see how stagers have used our pieces

Step 1 

Get a Mr. C consultation

What's included?
  1. Property visit by one of our stagers 
  2. Detailed room-by-room report that will include the following recommendations where applicable:
    • What to keep, remove, and rearrange 
    • Paint colour/lighting/flooring 
    • Other work/upgrades/restyling to prepare for the staging
    • Reliable tradespeople
  3. The selection of furniture, lamps, rugs, and art 
  4. Pricing quote for a full staging 
    • Price depends whether the unit is vacant, the size of the property, and demographic of the ideal buyer.
    • Flexibility to fit any budget by adjusting the amount of furniture recommended, quality of items, décor pieces, etc. 

Vacant Property         $250 ​
Occupied Property   $350

**Refunded back if staging goes through**

Get in touch for a quote 

(or email Mitch at

Thanks! We'll be in touch asap.

Step 2 

Choose how you want to complete the staging

Option 1
Leave it to a Mr. C stager
One of our stagers will take the reins to get your listing photo ready. Furniture is chosen once you commit. They'll work as fast as you need them to, implementing the recommendations outlined in the consultation report.  
  1. Use the curated list of recommendations our stager chose for your property to rent the items you need
  2. Our team will deliver, assemble, and arrange in your space under your direction
  3. Do the complete set up yourself (décor, accessories, hanging art, bedding, etc.)
Option 2
Stage it yourself
Total staging cost depends on the value of the property, size, location, and demographics. This impacts how much furniture is needed and the quality level of items.
At the end of the day, it depends on the home. A consultation is needed to determine what's required to sell it fast at the best price.
Based on your property, you can call us for a ballpark quote if you'd like one before the consultation, or feel free to use the example below (if your property falls under the medium-high end range).
Example Quote for a Medium to High End Home
Cost #1 - Rental furniture, rugs, art, lamps, and décor/accessories
You can free to scroll through the furniture on our website to get an exact amount on each item. The below is simply an example.  Each piece of furniture is priced differently according to brand.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 3.43.29 PM.png

If your staging is renewed, we offer a 20% discount on your 2nd month.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 3.43.39 PM.png
Cost #2 - Delivery, Set Up, and Pickup
Starting at $125 each way, depending on distance & amount of items.
Cost #3 - Cost of Time/Labour of Stager
Half day staging (most condos) - Starting at $400
Full day staging (large condos & homes) - Starting at $800

Why Mr. C?

Best Price to Quality Ratio

We're always fair & reasonable with our pricing. Plus, we have a constant flow of new, high quality furniture to make sure you never get bored of our stock. 

Family Business

We're hands on & will treat you like one of us. We put our heart into our work & will make sure you're always happy. 

Fast & Flexible

We ask that you be upfront with us about what you want & we'll try our best to make it happen. We're happy to do favours when we can.

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