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About Us

One father,

three sons,

one truck.


Mr. Convenience is a third generation family business, started by Bernie Small in 1972 with his three sons; Gerry, Ted, and Elliot. 

Coming from next-to-nothing, the Smalls wanted to provide people the opportunity to rent items they could not afford and thus, a rent-to-own business model was formed. They saved up money to buy a truck and opened a small store on Weston Road. Starting with appliances, they slowly grew their inventory to home furniture. 

50 years later, Mr. Convenience prides itself in servicing any use case that requires temporary furniture or appliances, as well as those who want to purchase used items for a discounted price. Production, film, and staging are at the forefront of the business.


The main thing that has remained constant over the years has been our commitment to treat every customer like family.


our core values


You can count on us to fulfill all your requests. When something is out of our scope, we'll still find a way to find a creative solution. Even if that means working overtime, if it's absolutely crucial, we'll get the job done. Simple as that. 

Customer Centricity

Our customers are our priority. We encourage feedback at all times and strive to consistently improve to meet the dynamic needs of the verticals we work with. Our goal is to maintain the right inventory and best service to keep our customers happy and loyal. 


We're human too. We get when things get delayed, when you might need a rental extended, when you might need an extra day to put something on hold. Don't be shy to ask us to help you out. If it's a reasonable request, we'll be happy to be flexible. That's the beauty of working with a family business. We're empathetic & are willing to help when we can. 


We have numerous levels of quality in our inventory stock, ranging from low end to luxury. Our team of in-house stylists will be able to build your package according to what you might be looking for. Quality of service and quality of products work in tandem with each other within our business. We make sure every customer is satisfied. It's in our DNA. 

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